What is this cardboard thingy??

It’s a fun way for you to frame and celebrate the little things that matter to you!

Why tho?

Cause we believe in the beauty of individual creativity and the joy of celebrating personal treasures.

No matter how small or quirky, they deserve a spotlight.

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A Mysc. Event

Make Your Own

How am I supposed to use it?

Oh it's very easy, you just ...

Find your treasure

Step 1.

The item that's uniquely special to you

Step 2.

Frame It Right
Fit it snugly in the box or tie it up.

Step 3.

Present Your Precious
Display it, and maybe add a comment. Let the world see what brings you joy.

What can I do with it?

Anything you want! It's all about celebrating what's special or fun to you.

Check out these examples:

Oh cool. Can I design and print my own backers?

Absolutely! Check out our Design Kit on Figma. It has all the design files you need to craft more of these.

We admit, our little box might not fit all your treasures.
But where physical space limits,
Mysc. expands.
Go celebrate every piece of you.
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